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Frequently Asked Questions
( Tired All the Time? - Our Pillow Will Help! )

     Will it help to stop snoring?

     What is the Sleep Better Pillow made of?

     What type of guarantee does the Sleep Better Pillow have?

     How thick is the Sleep Better Pillow?

     Can you use an existing pillow case with this product?

     Is it just another pillow?

     Can the Sleep Better Pillow be used on a waterbed?

     Is the pillow cover removable and washable?

     How much does the Sleep Better Pillow weigh?

     Can I use the Sleep Better Pillow as a pillow by itself?

     Would a bed partner or guest want a Sleep Better Pillow?

     Before and After - What difference will I see?

     Memory foam mattress or foam mattress pad?

     Spring mattresses vs. foam mattresses?

     Memory foam vs. latex foam?

     Is memory foam really the best support for those achy joints?

     What are some typical sleep disorders?

     What is sleep apnea?

     Is this a sleep apnea pillow?

     What are the treatments for sleep apnea?

     What to look for in quality memory foam?

      What are some tips on choosing the best pillow for me?

     What is a side sleeper pillow?

     How does this pillow reduce frozen shoulder and rotator cuff pain?

     What are some reasons to buy a neck pillow?

     Does this pillow help with arm sleep problems?

     I am a side sleeper and I love sleeping with the Sleep Better Pillow, it very comfortable and has really helped relieve my neck pain, however, I also suffer from terrible hip joint pain.

   Is there anything I can do to maximize my comfort?












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