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How Does it Work, and What makes it Better?


Recommended for all sleepers especially SIDE SLEEPERS.

Most pillows are made with no understanding of the human body, or the way we like to sleep.

Could that be why you have trouble falling asleep, or waking up refreshed?
If you are a side-sleeper, your needs are very different from that of a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper. You need a firm contour pillow that can practically "mould itself" to your head, neck and shoulders, giving you perfect spinal alignment all night long. When you lie down on the Sleep Better Pillow, the heat and pressure sensitive foam reacts to your body’s weight and temperature, molding to your exact body shape. This means that whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, your weight is evenly distributed and your spine remains in a comfortable position.

What is the best pillow for you?
Different people prefer different pillows. But the best way to know for sure, is to put it to the 'Sleep Better Pillow ' test. Ask yourself:

Will this pillow help you sleep better?
In a nationwide test-survey, 90% of people preferred the Sleep Better Pillow over other pillows.
As a visco-elastic memory foam pillow, the Sleep Better Pillow provides a high level of comfort and support.

This could be the answer to your sleep problems.

How can you tell if your pillow isn't right for you?
Perhaps the first signs are discomfort and fatigue. When your muscles are unable correct your posture, you cannot enjoy the comfortable, restful sleep your body needs.

It is this muscle dicomfort that builds up over the sleep period, producing the morning fatigue and pain in the arms and shoulder. Memory Foam technology naturally and effectively redistributes body weight, reducing skin pressure while greatly improving circulation, reducing spinal pressure, and simply making sleeping a joy.

The Sleep Better Pillow gives you complete relaxation. It is uniquely shaped to fit the contours of your body and support your preferred sleeping position. The dense visco elastic memory foam provides a snug and firm fit, easing you gently into the right posture for deep, restful sleep.

Over 25,000 medical professionals worldwide recommend "Memory Foam" for healthy sleep.

Originally developed by NASA researchers for the Space program*, visco-elastic foam (Memory Foam) was designed to increase the comfort of astronauts during long flights.

The Sleep Better Pillow is now made with the most premier quality of memory foam.

Memory Foam does not break down or bunch up. It always returns to its original shape, giving you the same level of comfort and support for years.

Frequent episodes of stiff neck, painful / Frozen shoulder and back discomfort arise from poor sleeping posture.

The top of the "Sleep Better Pillow" is gently contoured to support the natural curve of the neck. An ordinary foam pillow tends to flatten out this natural curve, putting undue pressure on the cervical spine.


The Only
Multi Possition Pillow

Over the years, this may deform the spinal discs, putting pressure on the nerve roots- which could be the real cause of pain, numbness and tingling and chronic fatigue.

The Sleep Better Pillow was designed by a Neurosurgeon Dr. Berke to minimize the distorting forces on the spine and to promote good sleeping posture, all night long.

Dr. Berke knew that a sagging or distorted sleep surface often promotes an unnatural spinal alignment. To compensate, your muscles -- generally in the upper back area -- will tense up trying to restore a more natural position of the spine.

If you like to sleep with an arm tucked under your head, you end up putting considerable pressure on the arm and shoulder joint.

What is worse is that the shoulder is practically 'trapped' under the head and locked in the same position for hours. This inhibits the supply of blood leads to painful muscle cramps. No wonder it feels worse every morning!

If you are troubled by frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injuries, the Sleep Better Pillow is a godsend!

The arm tunnels under The Sleep Better Pillow work just like a bridge:
The top supports the weight of your head and neck, while the bottom allows your arm to rest comfortably…without disturbing your head or neck!

The intelligent design 'frees up' your shoulder, and gives your arm better alignment and freedom of movement.

Even with your arm positioned under your head, you will feel no pressure at all, as your head and neck are perfectly supported.

No matter how many times you switch positions during the night, the Sleep Better Pillow helps you to wake up rested, relaxed and ready to enjoy on the day.

Put your pillow to the "Sleep Better " test today. You will wonder why you didn't switch years ago!


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