All about Neck Pillows

The facts can't be argued. Sleep is essential for our health and well being. What's surprising is the fact that so many of us give little regard to the type of bedding we're sleeping on. Many of us are guilty of harboring those pillows that are several years old and worse for wear because we don't want to spring for new versions. When we do trade our pillows in for the new models, our first thoughts often drift to price tags. What many people don't realize is that neck pillows can actually drastically improve your quality of sleep.

Worried about your Quality of Sleep?

When people purchase pillows, it isn't always about price. Many people list comfort as their top priority. They search the store aisles with almost a single-minded mission; to find the softest, plumpest, most comfy pillow possible. It sounds like the most sensible concept, right? The truth is that the softest pillow isn't always the best, and if you constantly wake up with a stiff neck or back, neck pillows may be an affordable, life-changing answer.

Neck pillows are designed to provide extra support and promote better sleep. While the goal of a standard pillow is to support the head and neck during sleep while keeping the spine aligned, some people still notice that they feel stiff when waking in the morning. Neck pillows are designed to ensure that you don’t feel that way. You will be surprised at the difference that they can make in the quality of sleep that you enjoy.

Benefits of Neck Pillow

  • Recommended by many doctors, neck pillows are especially useful for patients who have sustained neck injuries.
  • If you are currently in the recovery process, neck pillows can provide the support you need until you’re up to par.
  • Relieves snoring problems. Neck Pillows maintain the correct position of the body avoiding obstructions of the respiratory track.
  • Other cases where neck pillows are useful are in cases of cervical disk, cervical spondylitis, or arthritis.

Keep in mind that these neck pillows aren’t just supporting you’re neck. They’re actually relieving nerve pressure. What does this mean for you? When you are feeling better, you will probably enjoy better sleep at night, and you’ll wake up feeling better than ever.

Besides, Neck pillows can properly position the body during sleep to promote a better flow of air, helping a patient to snore less. When a patient snores, he shifts into a lower, less fulfilling level of sleep. Patients who have experienced the benefits of neck pillows have reported that they felt better after using the pillows with less daytime drowsiness and more satisfying sleep.

Decide the a complete comfort with a neck pillow

You can purchase neck pillows at most department stores, from any bedding retailer, or online. Compare prices and find the best deal to suit your own budget. Your body will thank you for it!

Written by Dr. Joseph J. Berke, M.D., Ph.D.
Discover how sleeping on The Sleep Better Pillow can change your life.
Dr. Joseph J. Berke is an author and inventor dedicated to helping people get a better nights rest

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