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Memory foam mattress or foam mattress pad?

Deciding on whether you need a new mattress or mattress pad can be done by realizing what your current bed can offer you. If your current bed is not so old that it has lost its integrity and solidity, then a mattress pad may be just the savings that you are looking for.

An old spring mattress can become "lumpy or bumpy" after many years, thereby making any mattress pad you place over it also "lumpy and bumpy". You also have to worry about the possibility of sagging which can cause a dip in the middle of the mattress, and thereby cause a trampoline effect. This trampolene effect takes away from the overall support of your spine and can lead to back, neck and other types of painful disorders.

If you determine that a foam mattress pad will work for you situation, then the next thing you will need to do is decide on the same principles that you would need to look at for a memory foam mattress; softness, density, and thickness.

Depending on your existing mattress, you may want anywhere from a one inch to a four inch topper, but remember that most standard sheets will not fit over a greater thickness than a ten inch bed. Two inches can suffice if it has enough of an ILD rating, but if it is too hard, then it may not offer that extra measure of body contouring that you are looking for.

It is a complicated scenario to find the best topper for your individual situation because of all the variables, but we have listed sites that you can explore that offer these products by clicking here.




























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