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( Tempurpedic Pillow )

Dear Sleep Better Pillow,

     This is a letter to thank you, and tell of my experience with the Sleep Better Pillow. In July of 2000 I was in an auto accident. The damage to myself consisted of three herniated cervical disks of the spine in the lower neck , torn rotator cuff in the right shoulder ,and a Torn ACL in the knee. After the accident I received the following treatments; Epidermal, Nerve blocks injections, Electrolysis, Physical therapy, Surgery and a lot of drugs.

     Since the accident, I've learned to live with a lot of pain on a daily basis. The worst part of it has been during the night and the following morning. I've tried sleeping on everything Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress, Tempur Pedic, Select Comfort, Contour Pillow. At night the disks in the cervical spine swell, causing nerve compression ,this results with muscle spasms through out the shoulders, back and arms.In the mornings I feel partially paralyzed and it takes me up to one hour to work out the stiffness to get moving in the morning.

    After trying a lot of different orthopedic pillows and back braces a friend of mine introduced me to the Sleep Better Pillow .For the first time in four years I'm sleeping normally without extreme pain. Swelling has gone down .The black bags under my eyes have gone away from lack of sleep, and my posture is looking a whole lot better.

Thank you,
Greg Gold

















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