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How to Stop Snoring and Sleep Better Now!

Of course, you would stop snoring if you could help it.

It irks your bed partner. It embarrasses you. And don't you hate being nudged in the middle of the night, because you have been snoring?

Yet, your doctor will tell you that these are the least of his concerns. Snoring can be the cause- or the warning sign of many serious health problems.

While high blood pressure, sleep apnea and brain damage top the list, there are others that should not be ignored. Such as low energy levels from poor quality of sleep, poor concentration, irritability, lower immunity and mood-swings.

Snoring can impact your personal well being as well as your social and professional life. In fact it can change your whole personality.

So what can you do about your snoring?

If you snore, you need to see a doctor. Only a doctor can tell you if your snoring is 'just noise' or a much bigger threat such as sleep apnea. It's equally important to understand what snoring is and learn about your treatment options. To start with…

What makes you snore?

All sound is caused by 'vibration' of some sort. If the flow of air is smooth and without obstruction, snoring wouldn't happen. But what if the air meets with a loose obstacle, as it travels through the upper airway? The obstacle vibrates, leading to the sound we recognize as snoring.

Obstruction in the air passages can be caused by the fleshy tissues in your throat or mouth, such as the uvula, throat muscles, the tongue etc.

The type of obstruction in your air passages forms the basis for diagnosing your sleep problem. If the obstruction is partial, it is less likely to affect the quality of sleep you get or your overall health. In fact, snoring is the sign that some air is passing through. Yet, all is not well with people who snore.

In certain cases, there are brief episodes when breathing can stop completely. That leads your brain to send a distress "wake-up call" to your brain, raising your heart rate and rousing you from sleep. Snoring accompanied with brief spells of no breathing (when your air passages are completely closed) could be the sign of a serious disorder called sleep apnea. For more information about sleep apnea , please read our article here .

In many cases of snoring without sleep apnea, relief can be found without special equipment or surgery.

Your sleep habits can make all the difference! Here are a few precautions you can take:

•  Avoid harmful drugs, alcohol or sleeping pills. Drug-induced sleep is more likely to loosen up your throat muscles, causing them to fall back into the throat and result in snoring.

•  Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side prevents the loose muscles and tissues of the mouth from falling back into the air passages. That makes it easier for you to breathe normally. Remember that sleeping on the side is stressful for your spine, so invest in a scientific side-sleeper pillow such as the " Sleep Better Pillow "

The Sleep Better Pillow will effectively align your head, neck and upper back, helping you enjoy deep restful sleep without aches and pains.

It has special arm-channels on the underside where your arm can slide in and out easily, while the pillow supports the weight of your head and neck. No more frozen shoulder!

Exercise the muscles of your jaw and throat. Here are some simple exercises

  • Open your jaw as wide as you can, then close it shut gently.
  • Thrust your tongue as far out as you can, then return to its normal position in the mouth
  • If your tonsils are large and inflamed, get them treated.

  • Try to sleep early and at the same time every night.
  • These simple steps are known to help in many cases of snoring. If your condition is not helped by these suggestions, see your doctor.

    It will ensure that you and your bed partner sleep better and get relief from nights of labored breathing!




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