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Sleep Apnea Snoring

Normal Open Airways

Have you ever wanted to push a snorer on their side or stomach and have them stay that position? Now you can, the Sleep Better Pillow make easily stay comfortable while on your side and helps extends neck to open airway thereby reducing snoring. The design also prevent your head from being pushed forward while on your back this helps reduce snoring by keeping critical air passages open.

Snoring is commonly due to poor anatomic alignment of the breathing passage.The Sleep Better Pillow has been designed to reduce the likelihood of snoring by keeping your airway open whether you sleep on you back or side.

Help your throat and nose to reach its natural open position. The position where your breatheing can flow easily through the breathing passage without being blocked.

The underlying cause for snoring is always blockage in the breathing passage. Having those blockages is not your natural stage . It is always caused by some tension around, and in the throat.

When your breathing passage is partly blocked the airflow becomes irregular. This irregular airflow causes your soft palate (the back of the roof of your mouth) to flap. This flapping creates the loud snoring sound.

Sleep Better Pillow allows your bottom arm to be streatch while sleeping on side - distributing your body weight evenly. Thus allowing for snorring to subside. If you sleep on your belly you will not snore.

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