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Real Letters -- Real Customers -- Singing Praises

"In three words, I love it. I have been searching for a pillow with that consistency for years. It's the same feel as the one I had when I was very young (we had to have foam pillows because my mother was afraid that we'd be allergic to feather ones, and nothing else had been developed at that point), lots of springiness and pushback. I like that. Also, since I sleep on my side, now I don't have to check my arm at the door! I can put it comfortably under the pillow, instead."
- Robert, Ohio
"... After trying a lot of different orthopedic pillows and back braces a friend of mine introduced me to the Sleep Better Pillow. For the first time in four years I'm sleeping normally without extreme pain. Swelling has gone down .The black bags under my eyes have gone away from lack of sleep, and my posture is looking a whole lot better."
- Greg Gold -- Read full letter
" I have suffered from insomnia for many years and have been taking Ambien. It seemed I needed to take more than 1 pill after a while and was needed it every night which had me worried. Since I've been sleeping with your product 1 month ago, I haven't taken a single Ambien and feel great that I am using a all natural product instead of a potential addictive one. Thank you again."
- Carson City, NV
"I was in a car accident about 10 years ago that left me with extreme pain in my neck area. I had never had a truly good night's sleep since then until now. I absolutely cannot say too much about this product. I have been singing its praises to anyone who will listen. I no longer have pain in my neck. It has also helped with my TMJ and Migraine headaches. I thank God for you all and your product. Bless you!
- Ryke, MI
" Sleep Better Pillow is a great product :)
- John, Vancouver, WA
" I have been using Sleep Better Pillow for roughly 2 weeks now and it has been working very well for me. For the first time in several years I am actually able to maintain a normal sleep schedule. Instead of tossing and turning for 2-3 hours to fall asleep I take half a pill a half hour before bed and am asleep within 10-15 minutes of lying down. It is a very pleasant change to wake up and feel ready to start my day."
- Las Vegas, NV
" I am so thrilled with Sleep Better Pillow. I have actually been sleeping well. This product is a miracle! My body is finally able to heal now that I can sleep at night. I am telling everybody about this product. I am so surprised. Most nights one and a half is all I need. I am forever grateful. Thanks for this wonderful product!"
- Kassy Schultz, Volcano, HI
"Hi, I was just wondering who actually made this wonderful pillow. I think it's amazing someone can think of something like that! That is how I sleep- I guess I didn't realize just how many people sleep like that. Is there a patent on this pillow? There should be, that's too good of an idea to let someone else steal."
- Meagan Wilson
"Hi. Not a question but a testimonial. I ordered your pillow 2 weeks ago, and it has reduced my neck and back pain by (I would say) 80%!! I have spent sooo much money trying to find the right pillow and finally I DID!! I gave your website address to my chiropractor to 'spread the news' to others!! "
- Connie Greenwald
"I use this pillow every night. It's multi positional so you can use it anyway and not have one of your arms fall asleep. I highly recommend it. I even take it with me to suntan out side either by the pool at the beach."
- Carl L. Reinhard, Michigan
"If I could use just three words ...I love it. I've looked for a pillow like this for years. I am a side sleeper and have always had to bunch my pillow up to get the most comfortable position which left my arm numb in the morning. Now I have no pain or numbness and I wake up refreshed. The portion down the center is a great feature, no pressure on my arm and should pain is gone"
- Dusty, Beverly Hills, California
"I have had the Sleep Better Pillow for about one week and have never had a better nights sleep. I suffer from serious neck and shoulder pain and have trouble sleeping. This pillow has really helped me out. I have tried several other memory foam pillows but I really love the firm but flexible contour design of this one. The terrycloth cover is really soft. It took me a night or two to get it in the right position, never using a pillow like this before but when I found it, it was like a dream. When are you coming out with your next great invention?"
-Dee, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
"I really like this pillow. I bought it because, I hate to admit, I snore. The way it is shaped and is contoured it elevated my head to the point where I could actually breath better at night. Having asthma as well and quite possibly sleep apnea, it really helpbed me to get a better nights sleep. It is firm enough but soft enough for me to sleep comfortably. I will recommend this pillow to anyone I know, especially my loud snoring friends!"
-Karen Darling, Madison, Wisconsin
"I don't have a question...but a comment. I really love my Sleep Better Pillow. I want to thank you folks for making such a nice product. My husbands snoring problem has been reduced greatly and we both sleep better now. I'm ordering one for myself. Can I get a discount on a second one? Oh, and do you sell extra pillow covers? If so please contact me so I can order one from you"
-Dana Barks, Fraser, Michigan
"When I first received my pillow I was somewhat skeptical. It looked different than any pillow I have ever seen before. After using it and getting used to the unique design I was hooked. The Sleep Better Pillow has really helped to reduce my shoulder pain. I had rotator cuff surgery and was having trouble sleeping comfortably. I am glad I found you and your pillow"
-Gerald Ruff, Champlin, Minnesota
"Love it, Love it, Love it...Thanks for making such a great product. I brought my pillow to my Chiropractor and he is interested in having these in stock for his other patients. Could you send a sample to him? His name and address is...."
-Joe Spindal, Concord, North Carolina
"I am very pleased with my Sleep Better Pillow. Thank you for creating such a great product. I have told all of my friends about your site. Hopefully you will get orders from them. I am really happy that you ship to other countries as well. When are you going to have a distributor in Australia?"
-Mary Piper, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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